12th XR SYMPOSIUM on 10th of May 2023 at the SRH University, Heidelberg

XR technologies are used in processes from development and planning to production, sales and service.

Thanks to digitalization, the operaitonal areas are expanding increasingly and offer improvement in communication between stakeholders.  XR technologies help to save time and significantly improve efficiency through report and anylyse functions.

The speakers from industry and research will share and discuss application areas and industrial experiences with the visitors.

The technical exhibition offers numerous technological innovations and helps the visitors to better understand and evaluate the industrial application areas.


Take advantage of this offer for understanding of the benefits. Please make your reservation in time, as there are limited seats available.


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AGENDA "XR Digitalization World"

10th of May 2023


9 - 17 h: Exhibition 

10 - 17 h: Presentations

12 - 14 h: Get Together & Networking



SRH University Heidelberg

Faculty of Information, Media and Design

Prof. Dr. Daniel Görlich

Ludwig-Guttmann-Strasse 6

D-69123 Heidelberg 


Please park in the parking garage directly at the SRH University.

Thank you.



The 1st VR SYMPOSIUM at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg took place on 12th of 2011 with the title "Virtual Reality in Planning, Production and Training " in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Daniel Görlich and Gottfried Roosen. Soon AR and MR became additional topics in the annual event and so there was the name change, so to speak, as an upgrade to the XR Symposium. Especially the industry applications got a growing focus very quickly and so the linking of XR technologies with further digital and real data sources is a constantly evolving scenario. 


Many thanks to all participants, speakers and exhibitors for very pleasant conversations and shared experiences in the past years.


We are looking forward to interesting and enriching meetings in beautiful Heidelberg.


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